[seqfan] Re: Another surprising omission from OEIS

zak seidov zakseidov at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 19:43:53 CET 2009

Some statistics for ,base, sequences in OEIS

Last modified November 11 15:30 EST 2009. 
Contains 166424 sequences. 

Search: keyword:base
21555 results found.
21555/166424=1/7.72 (,standard,)

Search: author:njas
35130 results found.
Search: author:njas keyword:base
1030 results found.
(But look at A006880  Number of primes < 10^n. - 
why ,base,?)
1030/35130=1/34.11 (5 times less than standard)

Search: author:seidov
2257 results found.
Search: author:seidov keyword:base
672 results found.
672/2257=1/3.36 (2 times larger than standard :-( )

What we (non-profi seqfans) should learn from this?
I constantly hear that ,base, sequences are not interesting to matematicians. 
But who are submitters of these 
one_of_each_8 sequences? 
And what is the future (WIKI?) fate of them?

Only questions, not answers,


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