[seqfan] A175043

zak seidov zakseidov at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 15 03:52:37 CET 2009

1. Thanks to Frank (for ,dumb,) and Michael (for not_,dumb,) for replies about A175038/9.

2. Now I ask seqfans' opinions about A175043 
(not yet sent to OEIS, pending your +'s and -'s).

My Qs are:

2a. is it OK to tag it base, fini and full?
I mean that bases may be arbitrary large.
2b. What about similar sequences for bases up to, e.g., 16?
2c. isn't it 'nice'? ;-))

3. Thank you all and sorry before those sick enough with my_base_not_basic sequences.

Here is my draft of A175043:


4. I kindly invite interested people write to me personally (not to the whole list) or in my livejournal page.

5. Thanks, Zak


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