[seqfan] A026081 Integers in reverse alphabetical order in U.S. English.

Maximilian Hasler maximilian.hasler at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 17:14:30 CET 2009

I just ran across this sequence which I think is wrong,
e.g. "two trillion two thousand ..." should come before
"two trillion two hundred.....",  unless I'm wrong (well possible).

If someone wants to edit (I don't feel... competent, let's say ;)
please also correct the offset (should be 1 since this is a list),
and maybe change "zero," to "zero;" or remove the other commas in the example.

PS: I have some doubts whether this sequence CAN be well defined,
after all, "2 000 000 000 222" could just count the number of
sextillons or so (?),
which in turn could count the number of septillions or so, etc.
[me: VfD]

A026081   Integers in reverse alphabetical order in U.S. English.
       0, 2202202202202, 2202202202222, 2202202202223, 2202202202226 (list;
graph; listen)
       OFFSET  0,2

Zero, two trillion, two hundred and two billion, two hundred and two
million, two hundred and two thousand, two hundred and two, ...

       CROSSREFS   Cf. A004740, A019440.

       KEYWORD   nonn,word,dumb

       AUTHOR   N. Fernandez (primeness(AT)borve.org)

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