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Creighton Kenneth Dement creighton.k.dement at mail.uni-oldenburg.de
Mon Nov 16 19:31:10 CET 2009

Thanks to Al and Antti- sorry it has taken me so long to write back.

On Antti's questions:
You could definitely use Blender to illuminate Catalan structures- there
is also a way to make curves grow. Blender version 2.48 has a built-in
Python interface. Here's a good starting point

I will try to help if I can.

The "jellyfish structures" were made by taking a mesh of points generated
by floretions and applying a "wave modifier along the normals" (see
Blender documentation) to make it appear to be moving.


> Both the combinatorial tree growth and the Catalan structure morphs sound
> like excellent ideas for videos. Perhaps Blender could do something like
> that. To draw it in Photoshop (which is what I used for the Ulam spiral
> video) would probably be too laborious.
> Al
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>> > Well, Creighton, more people will watch it that way. Only three people
>> > showed up to the screening.
>> Well, maybe you don't have students that are enlightened/freak enough?
>> I like Creighton's video a lot, especially the dramatic music together
>> with a deep dive into the weirdness of all that platonic world.
>> BTW, How was that "jellyfish"-part made, at about the middle of video?
>> And I liked also your Ulam primes spiral video. Please keep on doing
>> these,
>> both of you!
>> Moreover, is there a more high-res version of the floretion video than
>> what is at Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKL4Lkw-rU0
>> ???
>> And what would be the best tool for doing a video with combinatorial
>> trees
>> growing, branch by branch? Or various manifestations of Catalan
>> structures
>> morphing into
>> each other?
>> Yours,
>> Antti%

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