[seqfan] Re: A111287: first 2000 terms

Michael Porter ic_designer at verizon.net
Mon Nov 30 08:03:56 CET 2009

Can you submit a b-file?

I see there's already one with 1000 terms.  What is the etiquette in such a case?  I would presume we want to credit the contributor of the first 1000 terms, but not keep a duplicate copy of the first 1000 terms.

Along the same lines, is there some rule of thumb for which sequences we want b-files for?  I would think that sequences that are too simple (like the odd numbers) would be excluded.  Also what size of b-file is acceptable?

- Michael

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From: zak seidov <zakseidov at yahoo.com>
Subject: [seqfan]  A111287: first 2000 terms
To: "seqfaneu" <seqfan at seqfan.eu>
Date: Sunday, November 29, 2009, 10:38 AM

First 2000 terms of A111287.



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