[seqfan] Close sequences again

Christopher Gribble chris.eveswell at virgin.net
Sun Oct 18 23:13:39 CEST 2009

Al, Max and Michael,


Thank you for your most useful comments.  As I have only recently started
contributing sequences to OEIS and do not yet know all the ropes, you have
given me considerable food for thought.

My first mistake is that I forgot that I had already submitted the sequence
specified in my last email.  It is A166468.  Next, the offset in A166373 is
specified as 1 but should be 2 as n >= 2.  This

would have an impact on some of Max's comments.


I have been submitting sequences discovered during investigations I have
carried out over the last few years.  One such investigation was to examine
the characteristics of

(Sum of the quadratic non-residues of prime(n) - Sum of the quadratic
residues of prime(n)) / prime(n).  I discovered that this was equivalent to

(sum ( floor  (j^2 / prime(n))), j = 1:prime(n) - 1) - floor ((prime(n) -
2)(prime(n) - 1) / 3) and that this could be extended to the naturals.  This
is why 1 <= j <= n - 1 has significance in A166373.


I have realised from Al's comments that my focus should be more on providing
some value to the research community than simply providing new sequences.
Consequently, I would like the

following sequences to be withdrawn from the OEIS:






Best regards,




Christopher H. Gribble

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