[seqfan] Re: Anagrams of triangular numbers

zak seidov zakseidov at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 18 01:55:31 CEST 2009

Just submitted,

so, Hans,
you may submit b-file.


%I A166596
%S A166596 0,120,4095,36046,147153,219453,1021735,1053426,104653,10149765,
%T A166596 10294453,10348975,100486576,10725396,104379576,20759346,12347965,
%U A166596 101495628,129548656,102968425,104697685,102925378
%N A166596 Smallest triangular number exactly n anagrams of which are triangular numbers.
%e A166596 n=1, {0} (triangular number with no non-trivial anagram)
%e A166596 n=2, {120,210} (two angrams of triangular numbers)
%e A166596 n=3, {4095,4950,9045} (three angrams of triangular numbers)
%e A166596 n=4, {36046,43660,46360,66430} (four angrams of triangular numbers)
%e A166596 n=5, {147153,375411,435711,713415,741153}
%e A166596 n=6, {219453,243951,432915,493521,539241,943251}
%e A166596 n=7, {1021735,1710325,2310175,2375110,3201715,5312170,7321051}
%e A166596 n=8, {1053426,1345620,1360425,1405326,1624503,2465310,5643120,6503421}
%e A166596 n=9, {104653,135460,354061,403651,406351,431056,465130,534061,634501}
%e A166596 n=10, {10149765,14609715,15149760,16974051,17461095,17609145,41509716,41591760, 41756091,61710495}.
%Y A166596 Cf. A034291 Triangular numbers that have some nontrivial permutation of digits which is also triangular.
%K A166596 base,nonn
%O A166596 1,2
%A A166596 Zak Seidov (zakseidov(AT)yahoo.com), Oct 17 2009


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