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> To Sequence Fans:
> Yesterday (Monday October 26 2009) was a landmark day in
> the history of the OEIS.  I transferred the intellectual
> property I own in the OEIS to The OEIS Foundation Inc.
> The letter of assignment will soon be posted on the OEIS Foundation
> web site, http://oeisf.org


Have you yet decided under what kind of license you will place the IP?

> To make the transfer precise, David Applegate and I burned a DVD
> containing a snapshot of the whole OEIS (the sequences, of course,
> as well as all the associated files), which accompanies the
> letter of assignment.
> The DVD contains about 1.4GB.  The main sequence file
> contains 164891 sequences. It is 2510785 lines long and
> contains 169521003 characters. There are also 10716 b-files,
> and the b-files and other similar files comprise 852M.
> Another 280M are files associated with the lookup process.

Important also as a kind of checkpoint/backup!
I hope that in future the OEIS-data will be backed up
in widely separated/distributed geographical locations,
just for sure.

And thanks for the great and continuing work!


Antti Karttunen

> I am grateful to Terry Ilardi (working "Pro Bono") who
> drafted the letter of assignment, and to David Applegate
> for help in creating the DVD.
> I will continue to maintain the OEIS - on behalf of the
> OEIS Foundation Inc - until the OEIS Wiki is fully functional,
> In this interim period the main copy of the OEIS will
> still exist on my home page at AT&T Labs, with a mirror image
> on http://oeis.org/classic.  The OEIS Wiki is at
> http://oeis.org/wiki, but this is only a preliminary version.
> Neil Sloane
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