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Antti Karttunen antti.karttunen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 19:31:39 CEST 2009

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009 17:18:59 -0400, "N. J. A. Sloane" <njas at research.att.com
> wrote:

> Antti,  I don't know the answer to this yet:
> >How will all the non-b-file attachments (e.g. images, proof notes, etc.)
> handled in the Wiki-version? Do they stay as external files, or could
> it be possible to convert so...
> Neil
And what about the images? Could it be possible to have some of the
embedded "inline" in the entry? How in general new Wikified entries look
How free is the format and the contents for each A-entry? (I guess we have
to put
the line somewhere, as OEIS Wiki shouldn't duplicate Wikipedia or

> ------------------------------

 Anton Kulchitsky <kulchits at arsc.edu> wrote on Thu, 27 Aug 2009 13:27:20

> Maybe some LaTeX style would be a good thing to have there for proof
> notes format istead of storing binaries?
I meant simple ASCII-text files like:


If they were presented as separate OEIS-Wiki pages, then other people
could easily edit corrections, addenda, or even refutations to them,
and it would be easier to use better mathematical notation than
just ascii art.

And one more note:

It would be very beneficial, if and when the frequent submitters and
editors get their own user-id's to OEIS Wiki, and correspondingly, their own
user-pages, that there were a possibility to create sub-pages under one's
own user-page. E.g. like in Wikipedia, see e.g.

Therein one could collect things like informal musings about
certain class of sequences (of one's "own" or somebody's else),
keep a to-do list of the sequences needing editing, other work
in progress, etc.
Especially, it would allow keeping all the "working code" in one safe place,
code which is constantly being developed, but "never ready". (Mathematica
notebooks, etc.)
So far many people (including myself) have kept that kind of program code on
personal web sites, for it has not been necessarily related to any
particular sequence,
and has changed too often that it would have been made sense to bother
Neil with constant uploading of the new version.

However, personal web-sites are prone to oblivion, and I think it would
be better that all OEIS-related code, even if non-polished,
were in some place where it can be easily found (even after decades),
e.g. under the user page of the contributing submitter.

(Of course this "sub-user-pages" feature should not be abused!)


Antti Karttunen

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