[seqfan] Re: Gen. Functs. A039219

Alois Heinz heinz at hs-heilbronn.de
Fri Sep 11 21:11:39 CEST 2009

Yes, these generating functions are wrong.

It seems that the g.f.s were derived from the lists of terms
and should have been marked as "conjectured".

And there are more: A118672, A054899, A039217, A039273, ...


Richard Mathar schrieb:
> I see that the generating function provided in A039219 is
> incorrect, starting at the power [x^101] g(x), where it differs
> from the correct value by a(n=101)=120 by 1. It is no surprise
> that the g.f. is much more complicated than the one given, because
> the number of digits to compare have these typical wrap-around feature
> at the powers of 12 (in this case).
> I fear the same problem appears in A039255, A039257, A039261,A039263,
> A039266, A039270, A039268. Can s.o. check this independently?
> In addition: is there any indication that the g.f. for the coding
> function A(n,10,7) in A005855 or A005862 is correct, given that the Rains-Sloane
> tables give only lower bounds for values of n roughly larger than 22?
> Richard
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