[seqfan] Re: Concatenate prime factors of n

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Thu Apr 29 08:40:38 CEST 2010

I would vote for retaining A109671, if a(1) = 0 is prepended to it.

The concatenation of the prime divisors of 1 is the empty string, and 
the empty string is a representation of 0 in any base. So, in a  
perfect world, only a(1) = 0 would be present. However, the most 
important purpose of the OEIS is that people can find the sequences 
they look for, and people are apt to put an  initial 1 on this sequence 
if they search for it.

In any event, if A037276(1) = 1 is retained, a comment should be added 
to it noting the arbitrary character of that value. A109671 already has 
a comment to the effect that it is essentially the same as A037276; if 
A109671 is retained, A037276 should have a similar reference back to 
it. Certainly, if it is retained, A109671 should have the "base" 
keyword, and additional values. And the reference to A037276 should 
note that that is the primary entry for the sequence.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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From: Charles Greathouse <charles.greathouse at case.edu>

A109671 is a duplicate of A037276, except that it leaves off the first
term and omits the ,base, keyword.  (Arguably, the first term should
be dropped from even A037276 by its definition...)  Should the
sequence stay?

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