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a(r,c)=0 /; c>r
a(r,c)=1 /; r<=3
a(r,c)=a(r,c-1)-sum(a(r-j,c), j=1..c-1)/; c<=3
a(r,c)=sum(a(r-j,c-1), j=1..c-2)-sum(a(r-j,c), j=1..c-1)

in Mathematica:
a[r_,c_]:=0 /; c>r;
a[r_,c_]:=1 /; r<=3;
a[r_,c_]:=a[r,c-1]-Sum[a[r-j,c], {j,1,c-1}]/; c<=3;
a[r_,c_]:=a[r,c]=Sum[a[r-j,c-1], {j,1,c-2}]-Sum[a[r-j,c], {j,1,c-1}];


tested & validated,

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Hello seqfans,

Yesterday I made this spreadsheet formula in Excel for calculating the Mertens function as an invariant:

=if(row()>=column(); if(row()<=3; 1; if(column()=1; randbetween(-9; 9); if(or(column()=2; column()=3); sum(indirect(address(row(); column()-1; 4)))-sum(indirect(address(row()-column()+1; column(); 4)&":"&address(row()-1; column(); 4); 4)); sum(indirect(address(row()-column()+2; column()-1; 4)&":"&address(row()-1; column()-1; 4); 4))-sum(indirect(address(row()-column()+1; column(); 4)&":"&address(row()-1; column(); 4); 4))))); 0)

Does anyone know how to translate it into oeis-language?

The formula can be found in this table:
A related table:

Best regards,
Mats Granvik


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