[seqfan] Re: « King-walking » integers in a square box

Frank Buss fb at frank-buss.de
Sat Aug 14 16:48:38 CEST 2010

> New person here.  I don't get it.  Why cannot you submit a 4X4 grid
> like:
> 7777,
> 7797,
> 8777

This is a 4x3 grid. Only square grids are allowed.

> I don't believe you can anything that has a 98 in it.  E.g, 98999999
> is not constructable. 99999999 is. 77777777 is.

You don't need that much same digits, you can choose the same field multiple
times, see the examples in the description.

> Did I violate any grid construction rules?    Maybe I misunderstood:
> "...such that the smallest number that cannot be made is maximal"

If I understand the description correctly, with your example 0 is the
smallest number that cannot be made, so maybe you'll get the last place by
submitting something like this :-)

PS: The forum of the contest might be a better place to ask questions about
the contest.



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