[seqfan] Superseeker goes Open Source

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Mon Aug 16 02:36:56 CEST 2010

Several people have suggested that since the two email
servers will soon move to the home for the OEIS,
it is time to make the source code public.

I've now done that - see the Superseeker link
at the bottom of any OEIS page.

Keep in mind that these programs were begun in 1994
and have been frequently revised for three generations
of machines over a period of 16 years.
And they were never intended to be made public.

Many thanks to Mira Bernstein, Harm Derksen, Olivier Gerard,
Christian Kratthentaler, John Linderman, Simon Plouffe,
Bruno Salvy, Paul Zimmermann and others whose programs
were incorporated in Superseeker.

In recent years several other people have offered
their own programs (for finding recurrences, formulas,
patterns, generating functions, etc.) for
inclusion in Superseeker. Perhaps we can now add them
when we make the move to the new home. Unfortunately
I can't right now find the list I made of them.


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