[seqfan] License, unwanted "mirrors", etc.

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Mon Dec 6 12:57:35 CET 2010

Some thoughts about CC-style licenses (which I like btw.).

I suggest to specifically prohibit automated mirroring of the web
pages containing the sequences.  This should protect from "mirrors"
wrapping the OEIS's content inside ads.

We should allow downloading the stripped.gz (once it has
reappeared) "by hand".

Also, it should be OK to redistribute the stripped.gz in
noncommercial works like open source packages (think Sage).
We should have a white-list of licenses which we deem OK
(e.g. GPL for a start).  Closed source software should not
be allowed, else we'll see (Windows only) shareware
(with option to buy premium version) that simply interfaces
to the OEIS (in form of the redistributed stripped.gz).
Possible exception for closed software when the maker
pays the OEISF for the redistribution.

Whether some software should be allowed to access the
online content should be subject to an explicit agreement.
The software should be required to clearly identify
itself (via referrer(?)).
For commercial software such access should require the
maker to pay the OEISF for it.

Allowing to redistributed stripped.gz may save us a hefty
load on the server.

Having an uncompressed version of the "stripped"
file might (via rsync) reduce the load with upadating
from a given (e.g. redistributed) version to the
current one.  We may need to require to use rsync
without encryption (which causes CPU load) for this.

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