[seqfan] [admin] SeqFan mailing problems

Olivier Gerard olivier.gerard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 19:15:34 CET 2010

Dear SeqFan members,

If you receive this mail, it means that the situation is back to normal.

Starting December Friday 16th afternoon, the seqfan mailing list
server has been attacked regularly using a not very well documented
flaw in the SMTP server program I had installed. It caused a reset of
the mail configuration.

The consequence was not very spectacular in these quiet holiday
times : no one could send a new post to seqfan (nor receive one
for that matter).

I have changed today the kind of SMTP server used by seqfan.
Another maintenance will occur in two days but should not
cause any visible seqfan downtime.  The server hosting seqfan
has been up and running continuously for almost 2 years.
Not too bad.

Thanks to all seqfan members who alerted me directly or
indirectly about this.

If you have received a mailer-daemon error message while
trying to post a message to seqfan or changing your
configuration since Friday, please retry (once !) to post it
and send me any report about technical troubles directly.

With my best regards,

Olivier GERARD
Seqfan Mailing List Administrator

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