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Well said. I'd like to take this chance to thank Russ and David (and Neil, of course) once again.  This has been a lot of change at once, and I regret that my concentration and patience were not at their best during the first few days. But, of course, the most important thing by far is that these changes give the database a chance to continue.  

Also, thanks to all the editors, and to Olivier for running the Seqfan list. 
Best regards,
Matt Vandermast

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I'd like to ask folks to please keep in mind that the OEIS has just made a
huge transition, and to expect it'll take some time and effort, by all of us
working together, before it converges.

The most important success factor will be, as always, the community of OEIS
users and contributors.  Nothing's set in stone; the direction and details
are open for all to discuss, develop, change and improve.

Moreover, now, instead of having to rely entirely on the beneficence of AT&T
and Neil Sloane's single-handed editorial efforts, it's up to all of us to
shape and support this common resource, collaboratively guiding it to a
hopefully increasingly ideal destiny.

We won't get there instantly, and there will be differences of opinion to
resolve along the way, but with continuing hard work and, especially, the
collegial good will that has always been a hallmark of the seqfan community,
we can look forward to further developing the wonderful OEIS resource for
the world.

Your indulgence, optimism and help is greatly valued.


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