[seqfan] Re: useless references?

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Sat Dec 4 13:07:56 CET 2010

There are two problems here:

1) personal communication to whom?
I assume that those are all to Neil.

2) Personal communication about what?
E.g., in http://oeis.org/A006013
there is such a remark in REFERENCES.
I cannot see to which of the comments
this belongs.  Suggest to move to
corresponding comment (formula,...)
where possible and delete otherwise.

* Klaus Brockhaus <klaus-brockhaus at t-online.de> [Dec 04. 2010 13:02]:
>   What are these references good for?
> Search: *"personal communication"*
> Displaying 1-10 of 377 results found.
> A001700 <http://oeis.org/A001700> M. D. McIlroy, *personal* *communication*.
> A004001 <http://oeis.org/A004001> D. R. Hofstadter, *personal* 
> *communication*.
> A057468 <http://oeis.org/A057468> Mike Oakes (Mikeoakes2(AT)aol.com), 
> *personal* *communication*, Feb 23, 2001, found 90217. - (rather a comment?)
> A007700 <http://oeis.org/A007700> T. Moreau, *personal* *communication*.
> A006013 <http://oeis.org/A006013> D. E. Knuth, *personal* *communication*.
> A000629 <http://oeis.org/A000629> D. E. Knuth, *personal* *communication*.
> A000978 <http://oeis.org/A000978> S. S. Wagstaff, Jr., *personal* 
> *communication*.
> A001466 <http://oeis.org/A001466> J. W. Wrench, Jr., *personal* 
> *communication*.
> A000372 <http://oeis.org/A000372> Last term from D. H. Wiedemann, 
> *personal* *communication* - (rather a comment?)
> A006451 <http://oeis.org/A006451> J. O. Shallit, *personal* 
> *communication*.
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