[seqfan] OEIS license: CC by-sa option?

Marc LeBrun mlb at well.com
Sun Dec 5 21:36:01 CET 2010

As Neil mentioned, the trustees have been actively discussing the various
options the OEIS license.  Everyone's thoughtful comments and suggestions
here and off-list are being considered and are much appreciated.

One option under discussion is the "Creative Commons Attribution-Share
Alike" ("CC by-sa" for short) which is the license used by Wikipedia:


We would be interested if you have any comments or concerns about any issues
that might arise should this license be adopted.  For example do you see any
adverse impact on your own or others' use of the OEIS?  Would you foresee
any potential problems for contributors, or for the OEIS itself?

While all seqfan input about the OEIS is of interest, this message is to
solicit responses from the community specifically regarding the CC by-sa
license, particularly any problems or "unintended consequences".

Please keep in mind that CC by-sa is just one of the possible choices, and
the trustees are still investigating alternatives.  Also any license will
require legal vetting before adoption.  Your patience and support for this
process helps ensure that the outcome is in the best interests of the OEIS.


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