[seqfan] Re: OEIS license: CC by-sa option?

Russ Cox rsc at swtch.com
Mon Dec 6 00:35:11 CET 2010

> I am in favour of 'cc by-nc-sa', same on attribution and share alike
> as "cc by-sa" but for non-commercial use.
> http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
> The reason? I hate to see the Bernoulli and the Euler numbers
> squeezed in between advertisements for hamburgers and for 'singles'
> looking for dates. Jakob und Leonhard haben das nicht verdient! :)
> What I am describing is what I see right now when I look on the
> page for 'Bernoulli number' on answers.com; the entry in between
> is copied from Wikipedia.

Spammers will make spam sites no matter what the license is.
If you don't want to see ads, don't look at answers.com.

Using CC-BY-NC-SA would mean, if we ever invoked the SA
clause to bring any external changes back into the OEIS, that
it could never be put to any commercial uses, even if the
OEIS Foundation wished to approve such uses.  One important
commercial use is the publication of the next book version,
and there are doubtless others (like the ones explicitly allowed
by the current license).  That is the rationale behind proposing
CC-BY-SA instead of CC-BY-NC-SA.


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