[seqfan] Re: Semiprimes n such that n divides Fibonacci number F(n-1).

Klaus Brockhaus klaus-brockhaus at t-online.de
Fri Dec 10 16:36:28 CET 2010

  It's very good that you don't have a still more seductive replacement! 
"semiprimes" is OK, there are some interesting theorems involving them. 
If numbers having exactly three prime factors play a role in important 
theorems, they could be given a name, perhaps "triprimes". But otherwise 
the so-called k-almost primes should remain simply nonprimes, numbers 
having exactly k prime factors. It is desirable that they have this 
seemingly lengthy description and not an obfuscating short name.

Am 10.12.2010 15:36, schrieb Charles Greathouse:
>> k-almost primes (I believe that njas hates that terminology)
> I don't myself like the term but don't have a good replacement.  What
> other terms are used?  I've occasionally seen k-primes (which mirrors
> the 'alternate' terms biprime, triprime, etc.).  Anything else?

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