[seqfan] Re: the two stripped versions should be available again soon

Russ Cox rsc at swtch.com
Fri Dec 10 16:54:20 CET 2010

>> http://oeis.org/names.gz
>> http://oeis.org/stripped.gz
> Thank you! Are the URLs definitive? They used to be:
> http://oeis.org/classic/names.gz
> http://oeis.org/classic/stripped.gz
> As such they are known in Sage.

Everything /classic/ redirects to / now,
so the URLs you gave will work to redirect
to the official ones.

There is a problem some have noticed with
stripped.gz: because I used the data that
gets used to generate the "Sequence in Context"
lines, it is missing the leading 0s and 1s from
each sequence.  I will fix that later today.


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