[seqfan] Re: definition of A002848

Rainer Rosenthal r.rosenthal at web.de
Tue Feb 9 03:41:43 CET 2010

Max Alekseyev wrote:
> Does anybody understand the definition of A002848 and how it produces
> the listed terms?

Just a guess, to be verified:  "number of solutions of x+y+z=n"

a(3)=1 solutions: 1+1+1=3
a(4)=1 solutions: 1+1+2=4
a(5)=2 solutions: 1+1+3=5 and 1+2+2=5
a(6)=2 solutions: 1+1+4=6 and 1+2+3=6

oops ... there is 2+2+2=6 as well.
What a pity :-(


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