[seqfan] Re: Some questions about groups

Robert Munafo mrob27 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 11:20:47 CET 2010

Well, really the cost includes his time and effort, so I wanted to play it
safe. In general when recommending the open-source solutions it's good to be
modest, I think.

Although I have decided that I do not want to have to pay money just to stay
up to date, or to switch my social class from student to professional, I
wouldn't want to be too aggressive in imposing those ideals on others. After
all, I did lose out a bit by having to wait for my computer to compile
MAXIMA from source (-:

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 02:49, Joerg Arndt <arndt at jjj.de> wrote:

> * Robert Munafo <mrob27 at gmail.com> [Feb 12. 2010 07:44]:
> > SAGE, used throughout David Joyner's book "Adventures in Group Theory"
> (2nd
> > edition, ISBN 0-8018-9013-6) implements a lot of functions related to
> group
> > theory, is programmable, and has the advantage of being both open-source
> and
> > low-cost.
> Seriously low-cost: it's free.
> Also its scripting language is not yet another ad hoc, but python (a well
> designed language).

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