[seqfan] Re: Digitsum of a(n) is visible in a(n+1) - Plotting and animating it and any sequence

Jacques Tramu jacques.tramu at echolalie.com
Wed Feb 24 21:31:31 CET 2010

Eric Angelini a écrit :
 > Hello SeqFans,
 > here is another re-ordering of the Naturals:
 > The digitsum of a(n) is visible in the smallest
 > a(n+1) not yet present in S:
 > S=1,10,11,2,12,3,13,4,14,5,15,6,16,7,17,8,18,

Hi SeqFans,
This sequence and many other one
can be plotted and animated here :


Chose EA00001 in the selection choice for this one - Then [Animate], 
then [Stop].
Or plot your own sequence.
Have fun.


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