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gould at math.wvu.edu gould at math.wvu.edu
Fri Feb 26 08:42:09 CET 2010

As a Fellow of the AAAS I get Science every week for 50 years. The article
is a nice one and features the photo of Neil holding up the wine glass,
the photo gracing the OEIS 100,000 birthday party, and even outlines what
is meant by Catalan numbers!

I can make a Xerox of it, and I may be able to go to my office, put in my
password and retriebve the article.

C h e e r,  C h e e r,  C h e e r  for OES!
Henry Gould

> Deas any sequence fan have access to Science?  If so I'ld
> like to see the following article:
> Science 19 February 2010:
> Vol. 327. no. 5968, p. 943
> DOI: 10.1126/science.327.5968.943
> What Comes Next?
> Barry Cipra
> (Summary)
> One of mathematicians' most beloved Web sites is getting ready for a
> makeover, it was reported at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. The Online
> Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, established by Neil Sloane at AT&T Labs
> Research in 1996 and run largely as a one-man shop, is poised to go
> "wiki," with 50 associate editors taking over much of the workload. The
> OEIS, or simply "Sloane" as it's known to sequence fanatics, is a database
> of nearly 200,000 lists of numbersa mathematical equivalent to the FBI's
> voluminous fingerprint files. Much as fingerprints give police a quick way
> to link a new crime to earlier ones, sequences enable researchers to make
> connections between mathematical problems that might otherwise go
> unnoticed.
> Thanks!
> Neil
> PS  It looks like the research web site here will be
> shut down from 6pm today through Sunday.  To use the OEIS
> during this period, use the version at   oeis.org/classic
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