[seqfan] Re: Barry Cipra article in Science

Artur grafix at csl.pl
Sat Feb 27 14:22:03 CET 2010

Dear Seqfans,
I was read with attention article about "toothpick sequence" A139250.
I was find that few analogical sequences can be constructed in 3 D space 
(where inspite line of length 2 will be square 2 x 2 added to the each 
free corners)
If we take one of the possible variant that projection from the 3 D 
space on the observer plane will be that same as drawing in Barry Cipra 
This sequence will be bieginning:
and first difference (number of moves in each step of drawing) will be 
(analogon of A160409)
Who is able find more terms in mathematical construction?
Best wishes

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