[seqfan] (small correction) Floret's Equation

Creighton Kenneth Dement creighton.k.dement at mail.uni-oldenburg.de
Tue Jan 12 21:19:58 CET 2010

Somehow a "3" was erased from the last term while I was adding spaces to
the equation. My apologies.

Here is the corrected version:

Let X be any floretion. Define z = tes(X).

The equation is:

3*X^4 = 12*z*X^3 +

(6*tes(X^2) - 24*z^2)*X^2 +

(32*z^3 - 24*z*tes(X^2) + 4*tes(X^3))*X +

(3*tes(X^4) - 16*z*tes(X^3) + 48*z^2*tes(X^2) - 6*(tes(X^2))^2 - 32*z^4)*ee

where ee is the unit (see http://www.mrob.com/pub/math/seq-floretion.html
for a review of terms).

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