[seqfan] Re: Pictures taken at the AMS/MAA meeting in San Francisco

Jaap Spies j.spies at hccnet.nl
Sat Jan 23 01:42:13 CET 2010

N. J. A. Sloane wrote:
> Jaap,  I'm no expert, to say the least, but I think
> all you have to do is set up a Facebook account (you can
> use any name, even) and then you can see the pictures.
> It is really very easy and painless!

OK, I believe you!

> In fact, once you have an account (which is free), you
> can ask me to be a friend, and then from my account you
> can see the pictures.

I already thought we are friends somehow :)

Anyway maybe I should make this step. There is a
Sage facebook also. Let's face(book) that times are changing!


>   Best regards
>   			 Neil
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