[seqfan] any one else submitted a SUBMITA (addition) and got no confirmation?

Robert Munafo mrob27 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 10:26:06 CET 2010

Wouter --

Were you trying to submit your submitA from the classic server (
http://www.research.att.com/~njas/sequences/submitA) or from the wiki (

Since the Wiki isn't in full operation yet, I suspect any submits still have
to be done through the classic server.

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 17:19, wouter meeussen
<wouter.meeussen at pandora.be>wrote:
> just tried again,
> no reply,
> must be hickups at my side,
> darn!
> [...]

 Robert Munafo  --  mrob.com

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