[seqfan] Re: Digits of Pi in A179103 and A179104

Charles Greathouse charles.greathouse at case.edu
Tue Jul 6 23:50:53 CEST 2010

I think the entries should be edited, but I'm not entirely sure what
should be done.  As a start, DigitsPi was unclear to me on my first
reading.  Also, the brackets are inconsistent, and I don't like the
artificial starting digit (unless the sequence is changed to "... of
pi + 30").

I don't understand the broader context in which having 8 is
significant; maybe a comment is in order, or at least a cross-ref.

Oh, and both sequences need ,base, and should have a space in "8:a(n)".

Charles Greathouse
Case Western Reserve University

On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 5:13 PM, N. J. A. Sloane <njas at research.att.com> wrote:
> I can see that my editing of the definition of A179104 destroyed the motivation
> for the entry. I'm sorry. I will restore the original definition, which was:
> %N A179104 An offset of A119505 that gives a limited digit set {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9} that in\
> cludes 8:a(n)=DigitsPi[23+DigitsPi(n))
> Also, the original values, as submitted, were
> %S A179104 4,4,3,6,3,2,3,8,6,2,4,2,3,3,4,3,4,8,4,3,6,6,8,6,6,4,4,3,4,8,4,3,2,2,8,
> %T A179104 3,3,6,3,3,4,3,6,3,4,3,3,4,4,2,3,2,2,3,8,2,3,4,6,3,6,6,2,3,8,4,2,4,3,3,
> %U A179104 6,6,2,6,8,3,6,8,2,3,3,3,3,6,8,3,2,4,6,3,8,2,4,6,8,3,3,4,2,6,4,3,3,8,3
> (as Richard pointed out, these were wrong)
> Alexander Povolotsky sent me corrected values on Jul 05, namely:
> %S A179104 3,3,4,8,4,3,5,3,2,3,3,3,9,5,7,5,3,3,3,9,8,2,3,2,8,3,
> %T A179104 3,9,3,3,7,5,3,6,3,9,9,8,4,5,7,4,2,5,3,5,5,3,7,3,4,6,
> %U A179104 3,9,3,6,5,7,8,5,8,8,3,5,3,3,6,7,9,4,2,8,6,2,3,9,2,3
> which I put in plce yesterday.
> So the next version of the OEIS will have the corrected terms
> and the original definitions.
> Having said that, I am still worried by the artificial insertion
> of 3 at the start of the decimal expansion of Pi!
> I will mark both entries as "unedited".
> Neil
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