[seqfan] Re: Interest Poll: BOINC project for "hard" sequences

Donald Alan Morrison donmorrison at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 05:58:59 CEST 2010

> To judge importance of sequences, I suggest using Google or Bing to search
> for inbound links to the sequence and count the number of hits. A sample

A good suggestion, though I would like to hear from the subject matter
experts (as per Neil's suggestion).  The PageRank algorithm may not
detect trending interest within such a small population of websites,
and does not output the statistical significance of its results.
Though a brilliant algorithm it is.

> I was of the impression that a BOINC server does no problem computation. So


> it shouldn't require a dedicated system, until there are hundreds of
> clients, after which you could probably take donations to rent a CPU in a
> server farm.

Godaddy.com has said a BOINC server requires a "virtual dedicated"
plan...If a cheaper alternative exists, great(!)  I'll ask around to
see if the sales reps were "highballing" me.

> So what about running the BOINC server on an existing home PC (under CygWin
> if necessary) that is always on, and using DynDNS to provide the clients a

The BOINC Collatz Conjecture Project does this, and has had periodic
problems with their ISP cutting them off, per their interpretation of
the contract.  I know it's not fair, but usually DynDNS really annoys
the ISP.  However, if someone has a friendly ISP, great!

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