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Non cambia nulla, quindi anche se 
a(n)=7*a(n-1)-12*a(n-2)+6 with a(0)=3, a(1)=8
1^n + 3^n + 4^n:a^n+b^n+1^n=(a+b)*a(n-1)-(a*b)*a(n-2)+(a-1)*(b-1)
Best RegardsVincenzo

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vl> Librandi (vincenzo.librandi(AT)tin.it), Jul 16 2010]

What I mean is:
This is incorrect because a(0)=3, a(1)=8.

The formula a(n)=7*a(n-1)-12*a(n-2)+6 is correct (and the current
formula with the 7 should be changed).


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