[seqfan] Re: summer hours

Douglas McNeil mcneil at hku.hk
Sat Jun 5 05:22:44 CEST 2010

>>In the next couple of months I won't have so
>>much time for the OEIS (keeping up with 200 messages a day
>>is almost a full-time job), so let me urge everyone
>>to hold off on new sequences and updates until the wiki
>>is running (I hope this will happen soon)

Just to clarify-- I'd interpreted "updates" to include corrections.
After all, the world won't come to an end if someone wrote "coprime"
instead of "not coprime" in a sequence def'n, or if 277 is missing
from a list of primes <= 281 in reverse order (?), and it doesn't get
fixed for a few months.

Like probably many people I've accumulated a giant file of pending
corrections and codes, and there's no rush for any of them, although
during the interim period I got back in the habit of submitting fixes
when I saw them.  (There are various ways to, er, maximize the odds of
quickly finding a sequence in need of editing, shall we say.)


Department of Earth Sciences
University of Hong Kong

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