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Thanks, Henry, for the "counterexample" -- which is there:

Did Martin Gardner have an April's fool story in _every April's
issue_ of Scientific American?

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Some years ago Martin Gardner ran an April fool story in his Scientific
American column giving a "counterexample" to the four color conjecture.
The map he presented  certainly seemed to show a map required five colors.
but it  required only a few minutes to trace around and show that the
fifth color was  redundant.
HOWEVER a reviewer for the German Zentralblatt für Mathematik totally
misunderstood the gag and write a serious review saying that the article
indeed showed a 4CC counterexample!
I got a big bang fro, the joke!

Henry Gould

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> Not sure if this helps, but here goes...
> The recent Car Talk podcast includes a phone call recorded several
> years with a listener who called into the show to object to an
> incorrect report at the time that Martin Gardner had died. The caller
> said on the air that he had called his dad who confirmed that Martin
> Gardner was still alive. What made your dad so sure of that? asked the
> radio host. Because my dad is Martin Gardner! the caller said.
> --Graeme McRae,
> Palmdale, CA
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> wrote:
>> Hello Math-Fun and SeqFan,
>> I'm asked to write a 10,000-sign paper on Martin Gardner's
>> sense of humour (the man &/or his articles, columns, books).
>> Do some of you have nice stories or souvenirs?
>> Best,
>> É.
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