[seqfan] "Sobalian Coefficients"

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Wed Jun 16 19:56:37 CEST 2010

A search
gives (repeated many times) the 2 links titled
 A. F. Labossiere, Sobalian Coefficients.
 A. F. Labossiere, Miscellaneous. 
I strongly suggest to remove both in every such instance.

One also finds many expansions of the following type
(this one for A000045 (Fibs)):

 F(n) = (1/(n-1)!) * [ n^(n-1) - { C(n-2,0) +4*C(n-2,1) +3*C(n-2,2)
 }*n^(n-2) + { 10*C(n-3,0) +49*C(n-3,1) +95*C(n-3,2) +83*C(n-3,3)
 +27*C(n-3,4) }*n^(n-3) - { 90*C(n-4,0) +740*C(n-4,1) +2415*C(n-4,2)
 +4110*C(n-4,3) +3890*C(n-4,4) +1950*C(n-4,5) +405*C(n-4,6) }*n^(n-4)
 + .....

To me these look like raw output from some CAS,
lacking any insight (and even usefulness).
I'd also delete these (unless the particular
instance would indeed be useful), but like to
leave this for discussion.

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