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Yes, I puzzled over that one myself. I believe what is meant is the 
differences between successive terms of the arithmetic sequence kp+1 - 
i.e., p.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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In A035095, I do not understand the first comment:
"Note that both the terms of this sequence and differences are primes."
I may be showing myself up but what "differences" does the comment 
refer to?

Chris Gribble

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Looking at


first prime == 1 (mod p) and first prime == -1 (mod p), p the nth
prime, I was wondering if either sequence has any duplicated values.

Both sequences have entries that imply that they do not: in A035095,
the formula "a(n) is the smallest prime such that greatest prime
divisor of a(n)-1 is p(n), the n-th prime"; and in A032448, the comment
"A006530(a(n)+1)=A000040(n)". However, it is not obvious to me that
these comments are provably correct.

A sufficient condition for them to be correct is that the sequence kp+1
(resp. kp-1) always has a prime element for some k <= 2p. It appears
that there is in fact always a prime element for some k <= p. Is this a
known result? If so, is there a suitable link or reference that can be

(If the same value P occurred for two primes p and q, it would have to
be of the form 2kpq+1 (or 2kpq-1). Taking wlog p < q, this would have
the greatest prime divisor of P-1 not being p, which would contradict
the above comments. The condition k <= 2p comes directly from this
expression. (There are problems with initial conditions here for p = 2
or 3, but these are trivially dealt with.))

Franklin T. Adams-Watters


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