[seqfan] Comment on YouTube prime spiral video

Alonso Del Arte alonso.delarte at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 22:28:19 CET 2010

Just a short while ago, the first comment ever was posted on
YouTube regarding my video of the Ulam prime spiral. Predictably it was to
remind me that 1 is not a prime number.

I tried to post a response to the comment, but I don't think it went
through. My response went something like this:

"Thank you very much for your comment.

My treatment of the number 1 here was not guided by my personal opinion on
the matter (Google "Alonso φ(p) < σ(p) inequality").

Instead, I took my cue from the March 1964 cover of Scientific American.
(From Sloane's A168022 you can surf over to the relevant webpage on

The reason I did not put in any explicit links in my comment is because I
don't know if YouTube allows them, or if it allows their text but does not
create hyperlinks.


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