[seqfan] Definition of A023200

Klaus Brockhaus klaus-brockhaus at t-online.de
Fri Mar 5 03:14:39 CET 2010


I happened to look at A023200 and saw that some time ago you corrected 
the definition.

	%N A023200 Primes p such that p and p + 4 are both primes.
	%E A023200 Definition corrected by Vincenzo Librandi (vincenzo.librandi(AT)tin.it), Aug 02 2009

In my view this definition is somewhat clumsy, it contains the 
redundancy "Primes p such that p is prime".
Possibly better definitions are

	%N A023200 Numbers n such that n and n+4 are prime.
	%N A023200 Primes p such that p+4 is prime.

Would you please tell which wording the definition had before you 
corrected it?


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