[seqfan] gentle reminder

Klaus Brockhaus klaus-brockhaus at t-online.de
Sun Mar 7 11:08:45 CET 2010

The OEIS index has an entry "spelling and notation":


It gives examples and is not exclusive / complete.

*spelling and notation , guide to (start):
*spelling and notation: the following are the correct spellings for some 
words and symbols that are commonly mistyped in the OEIS:
spelling: > (not grth)
spelling: >= (not \ge)
spelling: a(n) for n-th term in sequence (not a[n])
spelling: color (not colour - the OEIS uses U.S. spelling)
spelling: dependent (not dependant)
spelling: dissectable (not dissectible)
spelling: e for 2.718281828... (not E)
spelling: Fibonacci (not fibonacci)
spelling: generalize (not generalise)
spelling: J. S. Bach (not J.S. Bach - a period should be followed by a 
space, except in hyphenated names like J.-P. Serre)
spelling: log(n) (not ln(x) or Log[x])
spelling: log_10(x) for logs to base 10
spelling: n X n (not n x n, not n by n)
spelling: n-th, m-th, i-th, j-th, etc. (not nth, mth, ith, jth)
spelling: neighbor (not neighbour)
spelling: nilpotent (not "nil-potent")
spelling: nonnegative (not non-negative)
spelling: nonprime (not non-prime)
spelling: nonzero (not non-zero)
spelling: occurring (not occuring)
spelling: Pi for 3.141592654... (not pi)
spelling: prime(n) (not p(n) or Prime(n), etc.)
spelling: recurrence (not recurence)
spelling: semiprime (not semi-prime)
spelling: sin(x) (not Sin[x])
spelling: square-free (not squarefree)
spelling: submatrix (not sub-matrix)
spelling: tetranacci (not Tetranacci)
spelling: tribonacci (not Tribonacci)
spelling: zeros (not zeroes)

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