[seqfan] Is This Sequence Ever Negative?

Leroy Quet q1qq2qqq3qqqq at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 7 15:46:13 CET 2010

Is sequence A175150 ever negative?

In other words, is there an n where
(the number of k <= n where d(k) < d(k-1))
is greater than
(the number of k <= n where d(k) > d(k-1)),

where d(k) is the number of divisors of k?

PS: I see that I made a typo in the comment line to A175150. I'll go fix that now.

Leroy Quet

[ ( [ ([( [ ( ([[o0Oo0Ooo0Oo(0)oO0ooO0oO0o]]) ) ] )]) ] ) ]


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