[seqfan] Eventually-signed sequences

Charles Greathouse charles.greathouse at case.edu
Thu Mar 25 22:49:57 CET 2010

What is the policy on sequences that have (or may have) negative
members, none of which appear in the %S, %T, and %U lines?  I tend to
think that ones that are known to have negative members should have
,sign, while I'm not sure how unknown sequences should be handled.
It's probably worthwhile to standardize this, though.

[I collected as many examples as I was able, but these lists are
surely not exhaustive.]

20 ,nonn, sequences that have negative members:
A139367(332) = -1
A139368(219) = -4
A158635(191) = -5
A161808(43) = -162729
A118480(1473) = -1
A083453(76) = -10707267049562400901689561300310372090628431696367366711861628070274528263913282598677341871106721376332267734023257341356855990577704906898255
A092243(41253) = -1
A005444(35) = -230450728485788167742674544892530875760640
A088819(34) = -34330952514996673312513889666926080
A112632(23338590792) = -1
A133097(65) = -130
A072203(906150257) = -1
A103222(130) = -16
A038698(26861) = -1
A033885(180) = -6
A066520(26861) = -1
A034598, A057752, A059571, A052435

85 ,sign, sequences that have no negative members in their %V, %W, or %X lines:
A015868, A014856, A015582, A014646, A014590, A014922, A014988,
A015076, A015120, A015142, A015186, A015208, A015252, A015406,
A015450, A015516, A015538, A015648, A015670, A015736, A015802,
A015846, A015912, A015978, A016000, A016110, A016132, A015088,
A015166, A015270, A015322, A015348, A015400, A015426, A015478,
A015660, A015712, A015790, A015816, A015946, A015972, A016050,
A016128, A016180, A016258, A015420, A015522, A015658, A015726,
A015760, A015828, A015862, A015930, A016168, A016236, A015586,
A015700, A015852, A015928, A015966, A016042, A016080, A016156,
A015918, A016056, A016240, A110857, A009542, A013091, A121573,
A009196, A009268, A012821, A157809, A006044, A130119, A157812,
A157827, A158516, A158530,A158531, A158532, A091750, A091751, A091758

Sequences whose signs are unknown include:
A086811, A075469, A095883, A096801

(A034414, A034415)

Charles Greathouse
Case Western Reserve University

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