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> P.S.  The EXAMPLE in A143699 looks a bit quaint.   R.

I guess you mean the beginning of that power series,
which just gives the same terms. However, English is not
my mother tongue, so I just wonder, in what sense of
you intended to characterize it?
("Quaint" is a quaint word?)


Antti Karttunen

> On Thu, 11 Mar 2010, Richard Guy wrote:
>> A003733 = 5 * (A143699)^2, where A143699 has the
>> same recurrence as A003729, which has the ``wrong''
>> initial values.  No doubt Paul Raff & others can
>> see the connexion twixt the complexity and the
>> number of perfect matchings of  C5 x Pn.   R.
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