[seqfan] Re: Keyword "new"

hv at crypt.org hv at crypt.org
Fri Mar 12 18:51:25 CET 2010

"N. J. A. Sloane" <njas at research.att.com> wrote:
:Some one criticized me for adding the keyword "new" to
:an old sequence.  If you are unfamiliar with the notation used
:in the OEIS, please check the "Format" link at the foot
:of every OEIS page before posting a message to
:the mailing list!

I'm not sure whether you're referring to my side comment in
<201003121054.o2CAswXl006159 at zen.crypt.org>:
   I notice the sequence has also somehow acquired the 'new' keyword,
   which seems very wrong.

It certainly wasn't intended as criticism, but it is a use of the keyword
that I've either never noticed before, or forgotten about. Klaus Brockhaus
was quick to correct my mistake.

Apologies if I've caused you any offence.


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