[seqfan] Broken link in A022905 et al.

Jeremy Gardiner jeremy.gardiner at btinternet.com
Mon May 24 11:48:59 CEST 2010

The link to the paper "J. M. Dover, On two OEIS conjectures" appears to be
broken in the following sequences:


A022905         a(n) = M(n) + m(n) for n >= 2, where M(n) = max{ a(i) +
a(n-i): i = 1..n-1 }, m(n) = min{ a(i) + a(n-i): i = 1..n-1 }.
A022907         The sequence m(n) in A022905.
A022908         The sequence M(n) in A022905.
A080572         Number of ordered pairs (i,j), 0 <= i,j < n, for which (i &
j) is nonzero, where & is the bitwise AND operator.

The link tries to go to http://www.ark.in-berlin.de/A022905.pdf

However, the paper exists here:


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