[seqfan] Re: 3D version of A000938: 3-in-line inside the nXnXn cube

Ron Hardin rhhardin at att.net
Sun May 23 18:46:22 CEST 2010

Build a huge logical expression for the relations among X bits 
representing all tuples in the answer and count what fraction of the 2^X cases are true.

Some less than exponential complexity is needed, and a good fan-in to reuse common cases efficiently; which will depend 
on the problem.
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I'm curious how 
> you're computing the numbers so efficiently.  My first
thought was to 
> fix a corner, iterate over all possible second cells,
and then extend along 
> all multiples. Then translate the triples
through the cube, and finally 
> impose the octahedral symmetry, but I'd
have to be careful about that.  
> Then I thought of doing it recursively
(as already mentioned in the thread) 
> and computing only the extra
lines introduced by the "next" cube layer.  
> But the first way didn't
seem practical, and the second hurt my 
> head.


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> of Hong 
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