[seqfan] The new OEIS exists

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Fri Nov 12 02:37:04 CET 2010

Dear Sequence Fans, The OEIS now exists in its new version,
thanks mostly to the huge amount of work that Russ Cox has done.
David Applegate has also been of enormous help.
The new OEIS would not exist without their efforts.

The new url for the OEIS is http://oeis.org

The OEIS wiki is oeis.org/wiki. This has discussion pages, but all
the sequence data is at http://oeis.org.

You have first to register at the wiki site, but then if you go
to the main site, and log in with the same user name and password,
when you look at a sequence, you will see and edit tab.

The link at the bottom of the OEIS pages that says
"Contribute New Sequence or Comment" will also work.

The OEIS Wiki main page has a Question-and-Answer page
has a lot more information, answers to many of your questions,
and can be used for discussing problems.

There are also instructions pages there for the editors.

The new site has only been in opration for a couple of
hours, so let Russ Cox, David Applegate and myself know
if you see any problems.

Russ and Dave - THANK YOU!

Neil Sloane

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