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Some questions on the new submission procedure:

1) The past submission form had a feature where you could (actually, had to) see how things looked before you submitted; is there any equivalent to this now, or could there be one?

2) How do we get line breaks -do the \Qs still work?

I'm sorry if I haven't kept up perfectly with 2 years of e-mails about this.  I've often felt out of the loop during this changeover process, but I've been pretty patient about not submitting sequences during that period as a whole, in order not to make Neil's workload heavier than it otherwise might be. I can certainly wait a little more time until these issues, and any others relevant to submission, are clarified (ideally on the new site, in addition to any possible e-mail clarification, and ideally before I lose my current batch of A-numbers).

Of course I can only imagine the frustrations Neil (and David Applegate, Russ Cox, etc.) have endured over the last two years with this changeover. Thanks to everyone involved.

Best regards,
Matt Vandermast

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the URL is oeis.org

click on "Contribute New Seq or Comment" tab

Of course now your sequences will be edited by the full board
of associate editors, so be especially careful with
your math, grammar, spelling, etc.



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