[seqfan] Re: giving reason for disapproval

Maximilian Hasler maximilian.hasler at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 14:15:29 CET 2010

>> I'd like to give reason for disapproval, how can I do that?
> I've hit this issue too (with another sequence).  Giving a brief
> explanation why the changes have been rejected might have helped.
> Follow-up question one: say someone conjectures a formula, but(...)

I'm also in favour of having this possibility.
I think the wiki's Talk:Annnn pages would be the ideal place for that.
There should be a link next to each sequence (at least when it is
displayed in "full screen mode" as in oeis.org/Annnnnn) of the form
"Discussion about (edits of) this sequence.", leading to that Talk page.

> Metaquestion: is there a good place on the Wiki side of things to
> store answers to questions like this?  We're going to be evolving new
> customs for the new arrangements, after all.

How about the "Talk" page associated to the "Q & A for the new OEIS" page ?

Indeed, the seqfan list is flooded these days with discussions which
do not concern the sequences but only the wiki. I think that should be
Maybe new questions can be raised on the seqfan list, but should
include (or simply consist in) a link to a wiki page where the actual
discussion takes place.
Then those who are interested can contribute without bothering others.


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