[seqfan] Discussions about the OEIS wiki and the new site

Olivier Gerard olivier.gerard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 18:39:07 CET 2010

Dear members,

Some of us should remember that the OEIS wiki and the new sequence site
are still works in progress and that the very use of the site in the next
days and
weeks will help everyone improve it as well as refine the procedures.

The absence of a feature may be temporary and should not be a subject
of alarm or of polemics.  Also we must give some pause to Russ, David and
They have shown already how much they are committed to the quality of the
and its systems.

As someone already suggested, if a topic is more relevant as a Wiki (Talk)
page on
the OEIS site, just announce it on seqfan and let the discussion go on the
rather than in quick and not always careful emails on the mailing list.

For instance, I have created a page


that could be used to list all suggestions of this kind and let the OEIS
give their opinion about them.

You are welcome to edit it (please just add or comment, do not delete
someone's else
suggestion: if it is already implemented, just say so and give a link or an

Best regards,


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